The History of The Daily Morsel.
A food blog written in Napa, CA.

The Daily Morsel began out of my love for food and cooking.  I have always loved creating (especially art).  Not surprisingly, this translates very well into cooking and baking.  However, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed cooking until my husband and I forced our selves to really start making our own food at home in order to save money.

With each new recipe I cooked my confidence grew.  Week by week, I gradually purchased less prepackaged foods.  In my attempt to save time in the kitchen I researched tips and techniques, and learned to cook foods from scratch ahead of time, in order to have them ready at my fingertips later in the week when time was short.

Today I continuously try new recipes and learn new techniques, as well as develop my own recipes.

The purpose of The Daily Morsel is to show that cooking can be easy, inexpensive, healthy, satisfying and fun.  I’ve already done the time consuming part: researching food tips and techniques and searching and testing recipes, so you don’t have to.  You’ll find it all in one place at The Daily Morsel.

The Daily Morsel is for anyone and everyone.  It’s a one-stop shop for healthy cooking, eating, and food advice.  It’s for those just starting to cook, for those who want to make healthier choices and eating habits, and for those who have already found their love for food and cooking.

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The Daily Morsel’s first eBook, A Taste of The Daily Morsel, is now available in the iTunes Book Store.  And, it’s free!

The Daily Morsel eBook

The Daily Morsel eBook