Recipe to Be?

January 28th, 2013 by Erin Gennow
Blood Orange and Watermelon Radish Rounds

Blood Orange and Watermelon Radish Rounds

Monday Musing

Recipe to Be?

I often turn to cookbooks for inspiration.  Sometimes discovering new ingredient combinations, other times a new technique for a certain ingredient.  I’ll cook a recipe that looks interesting and if we like it I will put it into our rotation, often putting my own spin on it each time I make it, until it morphs into something new.

Recently, my husband and I made a salad from a recipe in one of my new cookbooks.  It looked gorgeous, so you would expect it to taste as good as it looked.  But, it didn’t.  Flavor combinations seemed amiss.  I’m not sure if it was the bitter blood orange, which I think should have been sweeter.  It was the bitterest blood orange I’ve ever eaten.  We also substituted an ingredient for the kohlrabi, which our store didn’t have in stock.  The produce guy suggested a watermelon radish, which I think worked okay.  It definitely made the dish look even more beautiful.  But after some research it appears sliced raw broccoli stems may have been a better alternative.

Finally, my husband noted the flavor of the dressing took over the entire salad.

Did we not like the salad because it just wasn’t a good recipe?  Or, was this recipe just not for us?

I think I will give this salad another shot, but perhaps with a different orange, or at least with a sweeter blood orange.  Also, a different dressing is in order, and I think marinating some of the ingredients in the dressing will help punch up the flavors.  If I get the salad to our liking I’ll post the new recipe.

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