Prather Ranch Hot Dog

April 2nd, 2012 by Erin Gennow


Prather Ranch Hot Dog

A couple weeks ago I finally tried a Prather Ranch hot dog from their eatery in the San Francisco Ferry Building. When I walk through the building at lunch I always see people devouring them at the eating counter. The smoking aroma wafts through the air when you enter from the south side doors, luring one to purchase a hot dog.

I must admit, aside from a hot dog at a sporting arena or theme park, it is probably the most expensive hot dog I’ve ever seen or purchased, but worth every penny. It’s quite a large hot dog, and plenty of food for lunch. Smokey, savory, and juicy, with just an ever so slight sweetness, this all beef hot dog made with Prather Ranch beef and served on an Acme bun is sure to make your mouth water.

You can also buy a package of hot dogs to grill at home. I highly recommend you do. Maybe just save it for a special occasion.

Prather Ranch American Eatery

One Ferry Building, Shop #33

San Francisco, CA 94111

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