Dry Soda

April 9th, 2012 by Erin Gennow
DRY Juniper Berry Soda

DRY Juniper Berry Soda


Dry Soda

I noticed the DRY Soda Co. brand of soda a while back, but just tried a few favors recently, since I don’t drink sweet sodas too often and we use our Soda Stream for soda water at home.

The unique flavors caught my attention more than anything with flavors like juniper, rhubarb, and cucumber. I knew this would not be your common everyday soda.

I first tried the rhubarb soda, and was pleasantly surprised that it had a lot less sugar than the usual soda. The taste was refreshing and light. The rhubarb flavor was slightly sweet-tart like, offering a sweet treat, without being super sugary.

A few weeks later I tried the juniper soda, which has an ever-so-slight gin smell. I was actually expecting a stronger juniper flavor. With subtle pine, gin, and juniper flavors it was refreshing, but not super flavorful. Although, I can see a little juniper going a long way.

Along with DRY Soda Co. I have noticed a number a new choices in the San Francisco Bay Area and North Bay for artisan sodas, often made with cane sugar, but also less sugar as well. This offers a great option for a fizzy drink without being loaded with sugar, or fake sugar.

I look forward to trying DRY’s other flavors of soda, especially vanilla bean and cucumber.


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