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June 20th, 2011 by Erin Gennow

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Last week I finally had breakfast at Il Cane Rosso in the San Francisco Ferry Building.  I have been eyeing this place since it opened a few years ago, but whenever I’m there it is always so packed.  Last week, I got up early, bought my produce at the Farmer’s Market, and by about 9:30am I got in line for breakfast.  A small bit of a wait, but only about 4-5 couples ahead of me.  The tables were already full however.

Everything sounded delicious, and I settled on ordering the Olive Oil Fried Egg Sandwich, which comes with Boccalone pancetta, aged provolone, and sweet onion butter and a Mint Ice Coffee.

Everything was delicious.  The sandwich came on a soft, deep golden roll.  The pancetta was sliced thin and slightly crisp.  The warm egg was amazing with a bright orange runny yolk, creating a rich sauce to combine with the bread, butter, cheese, and pancetta.  This is definitely a knife and fork sandwich.  I love egg sandwiches, but I never new a sandwich could be this good.  I don’t know if it was the oil used, where the egg came from, or what, but it was hands down the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  The pancetta used was from Boccalone, located further down in the Ferry Building.  Most likely the bun was from Acme Bread, also located in the Ferry Building, as the other breads on the menu are listed as Acme.

I ordered an ice coffee, since the morning was already a bit warm for San Francisco, and I was hoping to snag a table outside.  The coffee came pre-sweetened with mint simple syrup and a bit of cream.  The mint was not overly strong, but add just the right refreshing touch.  The coffee was not overly sweet or heavily creamed.  For me, it was a perfect ratio.

The only downside I noticed, was seating is limited.  I had my coffee and order number in hand while I waited for a table.  I stood outside facing in, so I could view both the indoor and outdoor tables.  Luckily a couple was leaving before my order came out.

I definitely want to go back to try other breakfast and lunch items, and even dinner at some point.  Hopefully it won’t take me so long to go back, now that I know just how delicious the food tastes.

Il Cane Rosso

One Ferry Building, #41

San Francisco, CA 94111


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