The Pantry Part II

May 31st, 2011 by Erin Gennow


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Behind the Doors – The Pantry Part II

Here’s a list of dry and canned pantry ingredients I keep on hand and their uses.  This is just to give you an idea.  For some items I list many kinds.  I usually have a couple different types, but not everything under the sun.  To get more ideas look in some of your favorite cookbooks.  Many cookbooks have pantry ingredients listed.

Fine sea salt and kosher salt

Peppercorns – for freshly grinding

Various dried herbs and spices

Vinegars – Apple Cider, Red Wine, White Wine, Rice Wine for dressing and marinades

Oils – Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dressings, Lower Quality Olive Oil for cooking, Sesame Oil, Neutral Oil

Pastas – all shapes and sizes, including rice and soba noodles

Grains – quinoa, white/brown rice, Arborio rice for risottos, polenta/corn meal, also 1 or more of the following: barley, faro, wheat berries, cous cous

Dried beans and lentils – usually 1-2 different types such as black, navy, garbanzo (chickpeas)

Canned beans – usually 1-2 types such as black, cannellini, garbanzo beans for very quick dinners

Canned tomatoes – whole, diced, or stewed which are great for sauces for a wide variety of dishes

Canned tomato paste – great addition for pizza and pasta sauce

Canned coconut milk for Asian curries (Indian and Thai)

Boxes of chicken broth (for when I do not have homemade in the freezer) for soups, gravies, sauces, braising vegetables

Canned anchovies in olive oil – great for melting into sauces for extra depth of flavor, melting into cooked greens, adding to pasta sauces, braising white beans

Canned sardines in olive oil (boneless) – great quick snack or dinner, add to salad or on toast with side of white beans

Macaroni and Cheese – we like Annie’s brand, an essential quick and easy dinner, and great for camping too!

Wheat germ – add to salads, yogurt and fruit, and mac and cheese for extra fiber and nutrition

Wheat Bran – hot cereal, add to breads

Oatmeal – hot cereal, add to breads, granola, muesli, crumble toppings for desserts

Canned tuna

Canned salmon – best use I’ve found so far is for salmon patties

Nuts (usually 2-3 kinds) – cashews, walnuts, almonds, peanuts (keep in the refrigerator so they last longer) – snacks, salad toppings, curries

Dried fruit – (2-4 kinds) – raisins, cranberries, cherries, blueberries, apples, apricots

Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

Jam – 1-2 types

Active dry yeast – for breads and rolls

Flour – mainly white and wheat, sometimes rye

Sugar – granulated white, powdered, brown

Baking Soda and Powder for baking

Cornstarch for thickening stir-fry sauces and puddings

Molasses – sauces, marinades, adding to bread dough

Maple Syrup


Coffee and Tea, Instant Espresso for baking

Part II Review

1. When you notice you are low on an ingredient add it to your grocery list.  Add it before it’s gone, that way you do not run out!

Next week I’ll discuss perishable goods I keep on hand.

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