The Pantry Part I

May 24th, 2011 by Erin Gennow

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Behind the Doors – The Pantry Part I

I’ve been thinking about the best way to tackle the pantry topic.  I love looking at celebrity chefs’ Top 10 Pantry Lists, or pantry lists in cookbooks, but the truth is, a pantry is very personalized and what is on someone’s list may not need to be on your list.  The concept of the pantry is to have commonly used ingredients always on hand, whether dry and canned goods in a cupboard, freezer foods, or condiments in the refrigerator.

If you cook often, then most likely you’ve probably already developed a fairly well stocked pantry.  Although at times my pantry dwindles quite low, I know what I use often and make sure to put items on my list when they are almost out.

If you are just beginning to cook don’t try to grow your pantry immediately.  Pay attention to the dishes/recipes you like to cook, and the ingredients you most often use when cooking.  Gradually you will begin to build your pantry.

Part I Review

1.  Pantries are built on personal tastes.

2.  Start building your pantry slowly, paying attention to what ingredients you use the most often.  Write the ingredients down if you think you may need help jogging your memory later on.


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