Substituting Yogurt for Buttermilk

March 15th, 2011 by Erin Gennow

Tuesday Tip

Substituting Yogurt for Buttermilk

Did you know in many recipes you can substitute plain yogurt for buttermilk.  Like buttermilk, yogurt will activate baking soda because it is an acid.  This helps baked goods to rise.

I usually buy a plain yogurt that is a bit on the thin side, so often it works great in recipes.  Sometimes, however, I do need to add a bit of milk to thin out the batter.  It really depends on the recipe I’m baking.  This substitution has come in handy many times when I want to bake on a whim, and don’t have buttermilk, which I usually only buy for specific recipes.  I almost always have plain yogurt in my refrigerator though.  Many times, I like the recipe better made with the yogurt.

I don’t recommend this the first time you are trying out a new recipe.  Make it correctly the first time, so you know the proper consistency.  Also, don’t try something new if you’re planning to take the dish to a get-together or plan to serve guests.  I do my experimenting when it’s not necessary for a perfect outcome.

Finally, if you are using buttermilk and have extra, freeze it.  It freezes well, and then you have some on hand for the next baking whim.


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