March 7th, 2011 by Erin Gennow


Review Cotogna

Recently we went to the relatively new Cotogna for dinner, an offshoot of the popular Quince restaurant.  Cotogna has already received rave reviews from many locals already.  With relatively reasonable price points and amazing food it’s easy to see why.

We started off with an antipasti dish of Warm ricotta with Artichokes and Salt Roasted Onions, served with crostini.  The warm ricotta was served from a cute little Staub cocotte with the artichokes and spring onions laid on top of the ricotta.  Mini crostini were served along side.  Spreading this decadent ricotta atop the crostini and topping it with the sweet, fresh artichoke providing a pleasing bite to introduce us to our meal.

For our next course we ordered a pasta dish from the Primi section, Gnocchi with Dungeness Crab and English Peas.  The gnocchi just melted in our mouth, and the Dungeness crab provided a light sweetness to the dish.  The peas also added a sweet crunch and nice color to the dish.

For our main coarse with ordered a dish from the grill Lamb Chops “scottaditto” with black olives and tiny potatoes.  Scottaditto means finger blistering and refers to the cooking of the lambs on a hot grill so they are too hot to hold with your hands.  The black olives complemented the rich, rosemary-seasoned lamb. To go with the lamb with ordered a side of Little Gem Lettuces with Yogurt and Dill.  The salad offered a refreshing lightness and crunch after the ricotta, gnocchi, and lamb dishes.

For dessert we ordered the Bomboloni with Ricotta, Kumquat and Limoncello Sauce and the Milk Chocolate and Almond Milk Budino.  The bomboloni, which are like tiny doughnuts, were filled with sweet ricotta, had extra ricotta for dipping, tangy candied kumquat’s were sprinkled over the dish, and a sweet-tart limoncello sauce was drizzled over everything.  The bomboloni were warm, coated in sugar, and melted in the mouth.  The budino was a creamy, smooth, chocolaty pudding served in a cute, little glass.  We were expecting more of a cake, either flourless or molten lava type, both of which I’ve seen labeled as budino at other restaurants.  This was actually a nice, refreshing change and surprise.

I can’t wait to return to try a pizza and some more of Cotogna’s delicious dishes.


490 Pacific Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94133


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