Blue Bottle Coffee

February 14th, 2011 by Erin Gennow
Blue Bottle Coffee Beans

Blue Bottle Coffee Beans

Review – Blue Bottle Coffee

I switched over to drinking mainly Blue Bottle Coffee about a year ago now.  The coffee is just so smooth.  With two roasters (one on each coast) and 7+ café locations (mainly in San Francisco), Blue Bottle Coffee is steadily increasing the availability of their coffee.  When I purchase beans from one of their cafes it is sold only in whole beans in half-pounds to keep quality and freshness.  Every time I’ve purchased a bag it’s been roasted within 2 days of purchase.

I’ve been to two locations, The Ferry Building (in San Francisco) and Mint Plaza (also in San Francisco).  The roaster is in Oakland, where they also have a coffee bar and coffee cuppings (which I hope to attend one day).  Drip coffee served at their cafes are individually brewed in a ceramic drip, freshly ground and freshly brewed.  It is well worth the extra few minutes wait to get a fresh cup of coffee.  Different locations have different methods of brewing coffee too.

I mainly visit the café at The Ferry Building in San Francisco.  While it is super crowded on weekends and weekday afternoons, I sneak in early Friday mornings to get my weekly bag of coffee and a deliciously smooth ceramic drip, or a café latte, or every once in a while cappuccino (if I have time to sit and drink).  The baristas always make beautiful designs in the espresso drinks, which complements the sweet, smooth taste of the espresso.  A variety of breakfast pastries and treats are also available at The Ferry Building location.  The yogurt with fruit compote always looks divine, but if I purchase food, it’s usually the waffle — soft and fluffy on the inside with a thin crisp, sugar sweetened exterior, heated upon ordering.

Last weekend, at the Mint Plaza location, I was excited to try a single origin espresso or siphon pot (which isn’t available at The Ferry Building), but sadly I arrived too late in the day, as they stop serving these coffees at 3:00 pm.  A return trip is now in order to so I can try a siphon pot.  Food is also served at Mint Plaza until 2:00 on weekends and 2:30 on weekdays.

The majority of their coffee beans are certified organic; the exception is some of their single origin beans.  A great description of each coffee available to purchase can be found at their website, as well as the best brewing method, and tips for each brewing method.


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