Chardonnay Wine Brittle

November 1st, 2010 by Erin Gennow
Chardonnay Wine Brittle

Chardonnay Wine Brittle

We picked up a package of Chardonnay Wine Brittle at Silverado Vineyards last month.  It was sweet, crunchy, and buttery.  It had a delicate sweetness and when paired with Silverado’s Chardonnay, it really brought out vanilla flavor in the wine.

The Chardonnay Wine Brittle is made by Annette’s Chocolates by Brent.  They make other flavors of brittle, as well as various flavors of chocolate sauces using wines and liquors.  This would be a great holiday gift or treat to bring to a party or a host.  Many people don’t think to pair fine candy treats with wine.

I can’t wait to make my own unique brittle and pair it with wine.


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