Tuesday Tip – Read the Entire Recipe Before Beginning

October 26th, 2010 by Erin Gennow

I probably should have written about this a while back, but I thought with the holiday baking/cooking season approaching now would be an excellent time for this tip.  For most people this will seem like common sense, but it’s always a good reminder.  I often read a new recipe through a couple of times, so there are no surprises and I know the process.

When cooking or baking, especially from a new recipe, make sure to read the recipe in its entirety before starting.  It helps to give you an idea of what the completed product will look and taste like.  You also will know what to have prepped and ready. It also helps you to make sure you have the appropriate sized cooking equipment.  If something doesn’t make sense you can figure it out before you are in the middle of cooking the recipe.

The recipe is a road map, so read it through, a couple times, before starting.


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