The Art of Simple Food

September 27th, 2010 by Erin Gennow
The Art of Simple Food

The Art of Simple Food

My husband gave me this beautiful cookbook by Alice Waters (Illustrated by Patricia Curtan) a few years ago for Christmas.  The Art of Simple Food is a great cookbook for those just learning to cook, but also wonderful for experienced home cooks.  It covers pantry basics, essential utensils, and “foundation recipes” in the first section.  These foundations discuss various basic cooking techniques for a range of foods.  The second section utilizes these foundations and expands upon them, offering additional recipes including sauces, salads, eggs, vegetables, meats, desserts, and more.

Most recipes call for few ingredients, making the dishes easy for any night of the week.  Because so few ingredients are used it is best that you use the freshest ingredients available to you.  The recipe variations are also extremely helpful, allowing you to easily expand your recipe repertoire by changing just a few ingredients.  Variations are also helpful if running low on ingredients.

The recipes are extremely well written; so it’s a great book go to when you want to learn a new technique.  The soufflé recipe in The Art of Simple Cooking was the first soufflé I ever attempted to make, and it turned out perfect.  Light, soft, and airy.  The onion tart is also divine.  I made a variation with crumbled blue cheese.  There are also tons of vegetable dishes and delicious desserts.

I definitely suggest you check out this cookbook.  It offers a huge numbers of dishes using a variety of foods.  Techniques are easy to follow to ensure successful cooking of these simple dishes.


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