Growing Early Girl Tomatoes

June 21st, 2010 by Pam Gennow
Early Girl Tomato Plant

Early Girl Tomato Plant

How are those veggies coming?  I wanted to introduce you to ” Early Girl,” our tomato plant.  I have been planting and growing Early Girl since I was four years old and following my grandma around our very large garden in Washington state. I choose Early Girl because she produces tomatoes in the least amount of days compared to almost every other tomato plant on the market.  This fine specimen was purchased in a quart-sized container, which I always recommend, rather than seed.  For the money it’s the best investment because it will come to fruition much more quickly.

Early Girl is a very strong plant, but still requires a large cage to maintain its upward stance.  Once the plants been in the ground for about a month, pick off the lowest set of leaves.  You will need that space for tending the soil, watering, and fertilizing.

You can see that although this plant is just six weeks old, it has 5 nice green tomatoes.  You can expect to be eating “Early Girl” tomatoes in July!  Additionally, Early Girl are one of the few tomatoes that will hold very well in the house while you get through that over abundance of veggies stage.  They slice beautifully and make great sauces, tasty salsas, and almost anything else you can imagine.

Remember tomatoes need full sun and water every day in hot, dry weather.  Continue to fit the new growth over the supports of the large size wire cage and fertilize every four to six weeks.

3 Early Girl Tomatoes

3 Early Girl Tomatoes

Now the only thing I see missing with this pot is some extra bit of space left.  Better plant some chives or parsley in this tiny spot, it will thrive.

Now, go play outside!

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