Blue Lake Pole Beans in the Garden

June 5th, 2010 by Pam Gennow
Blue Lake Pole Beans

Blue Lake Pole Beans

This is the time of year when everyone wants to get some dirt under their fingernails.  If you are out in your yard looking for a place to start a garden think outside the box.  I have planted six of the famous Blue Lake Pole Beans up against my rose trellis this year. I recommend getting your seeds from a reputable company, such as Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

These plants will grow eight feet tall, the same height as the trellis. Notice the baby roses mixed in?  Don’t be afraid to mix it up. These beans will grow anywhere they have something to climb.  Last year six plants fed the entire neighborhood.  Now, let’s get dirty.  Check back often as we watch these grow and make some delicious treats in the kitchen.


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